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Why upgrade to LED lighting from conventional lighting?

Why upgrade to LED lighting from conventional lighting?

1.LED lighting will out-last conventional lighting by an average factor of 10 – 1. This can be increased when the conventional lighting is in an area where a) it is frequently switched on/off, b) where there are power surges/dips/cuts, c) where there are regular vibrations/impacts ( doors banging etc.).

2. LED lighting will give a 60% to 70% saving on power consumption.

3. LED lighting will not radiate unwanted infra red or ultra violet.

4. LED lighting will not put regular amounts of toxic waste into landfill.

5. LED lighting will not generate unwanted heat, and thereby reduces the load on air conditioning systems, and improves living and working conditions.

6. LED lighting can be dimmed, and almost any colour can be created, and even variable colours, if required.

7. LED lighting is compact.

8. LED lighting needs extremely slim wiring.

9. LED Lighting uses far less energy during manufacture and uses no toxic materials.

10. LED lighting offers a freedom of design previously unavailable.

11. LED lighting does not flicker or need time to reach full output.

12. LED lighting does the job better and can be truly beautiful.

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