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Light & Vision are both directly linked to our perception; therefore, by accurately simulating the lit impression of the space (photometrically) enables an accurate image to be rendered. This process can also help improve or develop the lighting design concept, as it is only when the design is visualised or installed that the overall composition can be accurately appraised.

The realisation of the lighting design concept is a crucial process in the design development, for it is the intended visual impression of the space, once illuminated, that forms the main goal of lighting design. The process will also enable the calculation of lighting metrics such as Lux, cd/m2 , DF%, ULR, quantifying the amount of light within the environment, which is important when addressing guidance, codes of practise or standards.

Using industry-leading software, such as AGI32 couple with our in-house expertise in the field of lighting, light simulation and 3D modelling enables us to offer a professional and accurate solution that you can rely on.


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