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Lighting Analysts are experts in the design, simulation and analysis of any lighting condition. Whether wanting to understand the climatic-daylight exposure within your musuem, or trying to understand the illuminance levels or luminance distribution within an environment - we are here to help.

Fundamentally light enables our vision, understanding the requirements and limitations of the human eye, with respect to the visual task and visual comfort, enables us to analyse the lit environment through the science of lighting fundamentals and photometry. Coupled with state of the art software (AGi32) we accuratly simulate light within 3D computer models.

We have worked on a huge variety of projects covering all aspects of architectural lighting , from the countries national stadium through to UN headquarters, planning applications looking at bat ecology, light pollution, Environmental Impact Assessments and rights to light.

We have recently proposed new climatic daylight metrics Climatic Daylight Exposure (CDE) and Climatic Daylight Factor (CDF) whilst will aid in the design and understanding of climate-based daylight within architecture.

Lighting Analysts

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