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This is a selection of questions that were posted to us via this website. Our team of consultants review each question for its merit and provide answers to them. Please be patient if your question has not been answered. We shall respond to them shortly.

Q: I know that there are several manufacturers of induction lights. How do I know that your induction light is of good quality?

Q: Where can I purchase your induction lamp?

Q: Are there any safety issues when using induction lights?

Q: Do your induction lamps come with customized color-temperature?

Q: There is sensitive equipment in my factory. Will induction lights affect my equipment since it generates lights by magnetic theory?

Q: Why are some induction lamps shaped like a conventional bulb when yours are round and square?

Q: My existing metal halide lights are fairly new and the fittings are in relatively good condition. Do I have to dispose of these if i switch to induction lights? Can they be reused?

Q: I have recently replaced my outdoor flood light to an induction light. What can I do to prevent insects from entering into the induction light?

Q: I am interested in enhancing the security of my house. How well will induction lights work with my existing motion sensors?

Q: Do I need to re-wire to use induction lamps?

Q: Do I need special tools or specialists to install induction lamps?

Q: I have been using metal halide lights for my manufacturing facility. Why should I switch to induction light technology? What benefits can I expect from using an induction light?

Q: My company has switched from incandescent lights to LED lights. What is the difference between the LED and induction light?

Q: Why do induction lamps appear brighter than normal incandescent lamps?

Q: Why do yellow sodium lamps with a high lumens output appear so dim in comparison to an induction lamp with a lower lumens output?

Q: Why do new metal halide lamps appear brighter?

Q: Why are induction lamps less glaring but yet as bright as incandescent lamps?

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