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LED Lamp Features and Benefits

JML IntelliNRG LED Lamps

JML Global brings practical solutions for a Greener planet.  Designed with architectural aesthetics in mind, the JML IntelliNRG LED (Light Emitting Diode) range of energy efficient lights are ideal for homes, offices, indoors and outdoors commercial and industrial applications.


About JML IntelliNRG LED Lamps

JML IntelliNRG LED lamps present a wide array of form factors and varieties to address the needs of our clients.  They are specifically designed to match the lux level and colour temperature of conventional incandescent lights such as fluorescent tubes (T8 or T5), ceiling lights, panel lights, down lights, decorative halogen lights, wall wash lights, spot lights, among others.

Using our extensive regional experience in lighting design and consultancy, JML IntelliNRG LED lamps are designed and customized for our clients’ applications.  Manufactured with the highest quality components such as LED chips, ballasts or drivers, and heat dissipation design, JML IntellNRG LED lamps surpass market equivalents in performance, price and environmental sustainability.

JML IntelliNRG LED lamps have been tested to the highest Singapore, Malaysia and International standards for safety, reliability and performance and certifications may be provided to clients upon request.


JML IntelliNRG LED Lamp Features and Benefits

·         Long Lifespan – Over five times longer than conventional fluorescent or incandescent lamps (lasts 50,000 hours compared to 10,000 hours).

·         Low Maintenance Cost – Long lifespan minimizes the need for replacement and saves maintenance costs.

·         Improved Energy Efficiency – Reduces energy consumption by 50 to 70 percent.

·         Negligible heat emission – Reduces energy consumption further by reducing air conditioning (HVAC) or utilities bills.

·         Excellent Price Performance – Provides maximum lumens per watt and brightness and ROI to pay for itself from a few months onwards.

·         Instant Re-strike – Lights up instantly, flicker-free and non-glaring.

·         Low Failure Rate – Minimizes lamp failure rates with absence of filaments.

·         Improved Environmentally Sustainability – Non-pollutive. No harmful substances upon disposal.  Mercury-free.

·         High Luminous Efficacy – IntelliNRG LED lamps comply with the Singapore Standard SS-531.

·         Excellent Colour Rendering Index – Minimal lumen degradation and excellent 80+ Colour Rendering Index (CRI) to optimize pupil lumen’s and visibility in all conditions.

·         Unparalleled Operational Safety – Negligible electronic pollution. Does not affect electrical and mechanical systems, equipment, sensors and smoke detectors. Lowest possible THD (total harmonic distortion), EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) and EMI (Electromagnetic interference).

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