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Indoor application

Johnny Janosik

Johnny Janosik World Furniture received its own makeover with GE Lighting.

The store is saving $120,000 annually with its beautiful showroom lighting solution. 


Furniture store is saving $120,000 annually with its beautiful showroom lighting solution

Johnny Janosik World of Furniture in Laurel, Delaware is ‘The Longest Furniture
Store on the Eastern Shore’. When management decided to switch to LED
illumination for its 180,000-square-foot facility, the company conducted a
seven-month evaluation of several competitive LED offerings. The home
furnishings seller sought the fixture that best solved its exacting formula for
lumen output (the total amount of light emitted by a source) and foot-candle
intensity (the amount of light that actually falls on a given surface).


JieMing Lighting hit the mark with energy-efficient lamps that will yield $120,000
in savings, while setting a beautiful tone for showroom merchandise. JieMing’s energy
smart® 12-watt high-output LED PAR30, long neck lamp, LED spot light and LED track light  replaced 4,000 75-watt
halogen spotlights. Although the LED lamps produce approximately 30 percent
fewer lumens than comparable incandescent and halogen options, advanced
optics concentrate light on the target, diminishing wasted extraneous light.
“JieMing worked hard to show us what our savings would be and closely
coordinated with Energize Delaware to fully realize our refund
opportunity. At each step along the way JieMing was a valuable partner
to have in our corner.”
– Dan Ringer, CFO for Johnny Janosik
Several hundred linear fluorescent fixtures in the superstore were also upgraded
with JieMing’s 28-watt T8 lamp which matches the color temperature
of the new PAR30 LEDs. The overall quality and light level uniformity of JieMing’s
complete showroom solution even allowed Johnny Janosik to eliminate a number
of fluorescent fixtures while keeping others switched off, further lessening total
energy consumption.












For more information about the JieMing Lighting products used in this project,
visit www.jmlamps.com.


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