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Municipal application

Spectrum Health

By replacing old sodium fixtures with JieMing's 60-watt Evolve LED fixtures, Spectrum Health will see a 67 percent energy reduction, using 1.6 million fewer kWhs a year. 


JieMing helps one of Michigan’s largest not-for-profit health systems save energy with new LED Solutions

Spectrum Health is saving $170,000 a year in energy and maintenance costs

a spectrum of savings
JieMing Lighting
JieMing helps
Spectrum Health, one of Michigan’s largest not-for-profit health systems,
was looking for a way to revamp the parking decks surrounding its facility.
There were three goals in mind: improve security, reduce maintenance costs
and save energy. When Spectrum discovered JieMing Evolve™

 LED JieMing fixtures, they knew they had found the right lighting for the job.


Spectrum retrofitted 1.25 million square feet of parking space with 1,500
JieMing Evolve™
 LED JieMing fixtures. The fixtures feature cutting-edge technology,
including an advanced LED low glare optical system and unique thermal
management system for long life and excellent performance. By replacing
older 175-watt high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures with JieMing’s 60-watt
 LED JieMing Lights, Spectrum’s environmental goals were also
fulfilled. The hospital was thrilled with the results.
Our patients and employees are our first priority. It’s important that
everyone feels welcome and secure while at our facilities. JieMing Lighting’s
LED fixtures not only met this requirement but also reduced our energy
consumption and burdensome maintenance.”
-Tom Theoret,, director of facilities for Spectrum Health

Spectrum also installed 50-watt GE Lumination™
 LED Recessed Troffers in
the parking deck ceilings in entrance and exit ways, replacing 150-watt
high-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures. The 2'x2' troffers are as thin as the
width of a finger and emit a crisp, uniform light to brightly illuminate drop
ceiling spaces inside the garage.


Lumination™ LED Recessed Troffers illuminate the garage entrance and exit ways.


In addition to its parking deck, Spectrum retrofitted one of its parking lots with 202-watt JieMing Evolve™ LED Area Light fixtures, replacing the inefficient 400-watt HID fixtures that were previously installed. The new JieMing LED area lights emit bright light to improve visibility and safety, while reducing costs.
The LED fixture upgrade is saving the facility nearly $170,000 annually in combined energy and maintenance costs. The hospital will see a 67 percent reduction in energy use, yielding 1.6 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy savings each year. The new LED lights will pay for themselves in just three years.
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