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Celebrate JIEMING export products to the Netherlands for two consecutive years

Celebrate JIEMING export products to the Netherlands  for two consecutive years


Celebrate JIEMING Optoelectronics Group, Shenzhen Branch - Shenzhen Jie Minglang Electronics Co., Ltd. Outdoor Lighting Series - Industrial Light and Floodlight export to the Netherlands two consecutive years!

Recently, our company export industrial light and floodlight to the EU - Netherlands smoothly, while praised by the Dutch importer who said are very happy with my company successfully deal, and cooperate with my company to establish a long-term partnership.

  Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. is JIEMING Optoelectronic Group, a production, development and sales of high-end integrated enterprise outdoor lighting fixtures and interior lighting.

    Enterprise from its inception has been adhere to the "excellence and innovation, committed to saving" business philosophy, after all the people of JIEMING's unremitting efforts, JIEMING small to large companies, the industry because of its good reputation and excellent product quality and unique design, products by domestic and foreign customers alike.

    From 2013 onwards the company's products have been exported to the Netherlands for two consecutive years, is hereby Dutch customers love deeply grateful! We will work harder for product development and production; make unremitting efforts to enter the international market







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