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Complete success in Hongkong Spring Fair 2013

JieMing Group received complete success in Hongkong Spring Fair 2013

         The world-renowned hongkong LED lighting fair have been held, JieMing Lighting company attened the fair and received some more projects with our international friends. Hong Kong is a attractive fair, show not only the increasing scale of international color are becoming increasingly profound. This international exhibition of multi-beneficial, on the one hand, to deepen the national Buyer's understanding of China and the mutual angle; On the other hand, manufacturers friends a centralized close contact with national buyers the opportunity to make their products to quickly and more effectively understand each other, to reach a turnover of will; more important is the show to create the atmosphere of an international exchange, we can topic of common concern, much closer distance of China and the world in the lighting industry.

JieMing photoelectric headquarters from Hong Kong will organize its Shenzhen Branch - Shenzhen Jie Minglang Electronics Co., Ltd. related personnel and headquarters staffs to join the Hong Kong Lighting Fair and study on the lighting industry trend information, develop an international perspective, closely follow the international lighting industry step, well, faster development and improvement of the technology and quality of our products.

The following pictures reflect the Division I participate in the exhibition of enthusiasm and collaboration in order to facilitate the understanding of friends and Purchasing companies, look forward to your cooperation, I would like to show:

Our staff in Hong Kong participants corridor:

Our staffs chat with the international friends on our booth:

The entrance of the exhibition to my company :

HongKong exhibition gate:

Our staff take something from Hongkong exhibition :

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