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 JIEMING OPTOELECTRONIC CO., LIMITED is the first batch, specializing in the discharge lamp research and development, production enterprises,  Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Agency focused on supporting the green light, R & D and production enterprises in the "12th Five-Year" Industry Planning.  Nanjing University, China's Ministry of Electronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering Department's Office of Beijing Municipal People's Government, and Shenzhen University participate in our company on the core technology R & D units.
     Our company has achieved a breakthrough in the core and key technologies research in the discharge lamp, has applied for a foreign patent 2, a domestic invention patent, utility model patents 4. At the same time, in order to meet the social demand for energy-saving lamps, the company invested heavily to extend the company's products, LED lamps department has been built.  Our products have achieved CE, CCC, UL certification.
    To further meet the market demand for energy-saving green lighting, 2009, JIEMING started "leading technology, service close to the brand development strategy, the commitment to provide global quality is the most reliable, most cost-effective services in induction lamps and LED lamps. And set up production bases in Shenzhen. At present, our products have been successfully extended to the major provinces and regions of Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and China, are widely used in municipal roads, squares, tunnels and other works. In the field of industrial lighting

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